Woman finds hidden tool in the end of her lip liners, brow pencils and eyeliner

Thanks to social media, we’re constantly learning new things every day – from how to clean a dirty pan without scrubbing to what happens to a McDonald’s meal if you keep it for almost 20 years.

But today we’ve discovered something that’s really blown our minds and it’s all thanks to a TikTok user named @ayrshirefacepaints.

The face painter and make-up artist has gone viral on the platform after sharing an important discovery.

In a video, which has been watched thousands of times, she explains that she’s just realised some of her beauty products have a ‘hidden tool’ in the end.

She says: “I was today years old when I found out my lip liners, eyeliners and brow pencils did this…”

The woman then proceeds to take a P.Louise lip liner and pulls off the end to reveal a cone-shaped piece of plastic inside – which is actually a sharpener.

She then twists up the liner part of the product, gently places the blunt crayon into the sharpener and twists.

When she takes it out, the liner is once again pointed on the end and looks brand new.

Next she does the exact same thing with a Federico Mahora eybrow pencil, pulling off the end to reveal the sharpener and sharpening the blunt end of the pencil to a point.

She finishes the video by saying: “Mind blown!”

Hundreds of people were also left reeling over the discovery and took to the comments to say they would be going to check their own make-up bags immediately.

One wrote: “Is now checking hers.”

“Goes upstairs to search my make-up bag,” replied another.

A third asked: “OMG are you serious?”

Others replied admitting they were disappointed that this wasn’t the case for all liners and pencils, as theirs didn’t do it.

“I knew this, but mine don’t have it,” added someone else.