Woman claims doctor refused to tie her tubes without a husband’s permission

A woman has claimed a male doctor refused to tie her fallopian tubes to prevent her from being able to have any more children, as he didn’t believe “a woman should make that decision without a man”.

Mum-of-three Sarah-Jo Baskin has caused a stir on TikTok after responding to a challenge encouraging people to share “the most sexist thing a man has ever said to you”.

The 37-year-old from the US made a video in which she recalled the traumatic birth of her second child ten years ago.

She said: “I just saw a video about what is the most sexist thing a man has ever said to you and mine has got to be when I was 27-years-old, I had just had my second child and I was talking to the doctor about getting my tubes tied.

“I, at that point, did not want any more children, the labour, delivery, all of that almost killed me and my son, so I was like, nope, don’t want any more.

“He told me he wouldn’t do it and when I asked him why he said ‘You’re not married’.

“I said ‘What does that have to do with anything?’ and he said ‘Well, I think it’s best that a man and a woman make that decision together, I don’t think you should make that decision on your own’.

“And I said ‘What does that have to do with anything? This is my body, I want to have my tubes tied’ and he goes ‘I’m not tying your tubes, I do not think a woman should make that decision’.”

The video went viral, being watched over a million times and garnering thousands of likes and comments.

Many people were outraged, with one person asking: “Would he have said the same thing if a man asked to get a vasectomy?”

Sarah-Jo took the time to reply to this message, confessing she had asked the doctor that very same question.

She says: “It’s really funny that you say this, because he actually suggested that my then-boyfriend go get a vasectomy, with the backhanded comment of ‘if you’re gonna stay with him’.”

In follow-up videos, the parent says she didn’t report the doctor at the time as she didn’t know she could and also responds to criticism over the fact that she went on to have a third child later in life – as some people argued the doctor was right to have refused her request for that reason.

She adds: “I’m gonna explain this one time and one time only… I was ready to not have any more children, I almost died, my son almost died – I had a doctor refuse me that, told me he was not gonna do it because I didn’t have a man to tell me I was allowed to do it.

“So yeah, eight years go by and boom, I get pregnant with another one, just one more.

“My children are eight years apart. I was done. But I’m pro-life for myself, pro-choice for everybody else. So I kept my baby and they monitored me closely and him to make sure that everything was good.

“But [the doctor] wasn’t right, he was wrong. It was my body, my choice and no man is gonna tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.”